‘I want to talk’

If you have a concern or are worried about speaking in person, please complete the ATTFE College ‘I want to talk‘ form and your issue will be picked up by our Safeguarding Team.

You can use this form to speak to us about any worries, whether these are personal or about someone else.

I want to talk icon

Click the ‘I want to talk‘ button to access the form.

Please note that to access the form you will need your ATTFE email address. As an ATTFE College student this will be in the following format: Firstname.Surname@attfe.org.uk.

Alternatively, if you cannot remember your email address or have not yet been issued with one, you may email us directly with any concerns: safeguardingreferrals@attfe.org.uk

If your issue is urgent, please see contact information on our website for various agencies who will be able to advise you: Safeguarding