At Academy Transformation Trust Further Education (ATTFE) College we offer free Careers, EducationInformationAdvice and Guidance sessions where you can discuss your learning goals and thoughts with experienced and qualified staff members.

ATTFE has invested in a CEIAG Advisor who spends time on a weekly basis meeting learners one-to-one or in classes to share ‘next steps’ information to support careers progression. Destination data is routinely collected and collated from learners, reported on and analysed to support future curriculum planning and on-going quality improvements. ATTFE’s careers policy can be found here: Careers Policy

Our CEIAG Advisor Heather Bowerman can be contacted on 01623 441310 or via email

We are also lucky to have in-house Careers Leader, Jayne Drury, who is available on Wednesdays and can be contacted via email

If you would like to request a CEIAG session please speak with your tutor or contact Heather or Jayne directly.

Heather Bowerman, CEIAG Advisor

Jayne Drury, Careers Leader