ATTFE College Wellbeing Ambassadors

Our wellbeing ambassadors at Academy Transformation Trust Further Education (ATTFE) College are committed to supporting the wellbeing of our staff and learners.

ATTFE College YouTube Channel – Wellbeing Videos

Our ATTFE College YouTube channel contains lots of exciting content and updates, including fantastic wellbeing exercises demonstrated by our tutor Ken Mead. Examples of these are below, we hope these boost your wellbeing and mindset!

Get Up & Move

Chair Based Exercies

Five Loosening Exercises

Restoring Vitality

Tai Chi Stretching

Tai Chi Qigong 18 Movements

Motivation Meditation

The Crane Frolic Exercise

Feel Good Exercises

For more wellbeing videos as well as general ATTFE College updates please visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe: ATTFE College

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Wellbeing Wednesday

Each Wednesday, at ATTFE College, our Wellbeing Champion shares a ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ quote with our staff to boost morale. These are also shared on our various social media platforms:

Facebook: Academy Transformation Trust Further Education College

Twitter: @ATT_FECollege

Instagram:  att_fecollege

LinkedIn: ATTFE College

Credit to the original creators of these quotes, indicated in their artwork used. More inspiring quote such as these can be found on their instagram pages: @apeaceofwerk, @jessrachelsharpe, @LauraJaneIllustrations, @ohsobofficial, @positivelypresent, @sohpiecliff, @walktheearthwriter, @worrywellbeing,

Wellbeing Activities

Below are some examples of creative activities you can do to boost your wellbeing. Click on the PDF’s for further information on each of the images.

Spring Wellbeing

Spring Wellbeing Drawing

Worry Wellbeing

Worries Wellbeing Activity

Wellbeing Book Quote

Wellbeing Spring Journal Design

Wellbeing Spring Journal Design

Discover the Power of Your Hands

Discover the Power of Your Hands

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year



Taking time away from your computer screen

Habit forming

Habit forming