Advanced Learner Loans – Invest in your future

If you’re planning to study at Level 3 to 6, apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to cover the cost of your tuition fees. The loan is easy to apply for, doesn’t involve a credit check and you don’t have to pay it back until you’ve finished your course and you’re earning over £27,295 a year.


Am I eligible?

To be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan you need to be:

  • Aged 19 or over on the first day of your course
  • Resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the course
  • Enrolling on an eligible course at Level 3, 4, 5 and 6


How much can I access?

The amount you can get depends on your course; the tuition fees and the maximum amounts available for your chosen course are set by the Government. The minimum loan amount is £300 and you don’t have to borrow the full cost of your course – you can pay for some of it yourself.


How do I repay my loan?

Repaying an Advanced Learner Loan is straight forward:

  • Monthly repayments are calculated based on your income, not what you borrow.
  • You’ll only start making repayments when your income is more than £524 per week, £2,274 per month or £27,295 per year.
  • Your repayments will stop if your income drops below £27,295 a year.
  • Your annual repayment amount will be 9% of any income you earn over £27,295.
  • Monthly repayments are made directly to the Student Loans Company through the tax system.
  • You have the right to make payments or to pay back your loan in full at any time without incurring penalties.
  • Any balances outstanding are written off after 30 years.


How do I apply?

Please email ATTFE College Adult Advanced Learner Loans Manager Charlotte Birch: and Finance Officer Sally Strickland  for information on applying for your Advanced Learner Loan.


Advanced Learner Loans Bursary Information 2023/24

Household income* (including benefits) Bursary Percentage of approved additional costs to be paid Payment Per Term Minimum Attendance Required
Less than £20,319.00 Full 100% £300 85%
£20,319.00 – £26,795.00 Standard 50% £100 85%
£26,795.01 and above Partial 25% NIL Not applicable

All bursaries are subject to approval. Childcare will be assessed separately.

*Household income threshold based on HMRC allowances and the benefit cap.

You can find more information about Advanced Learner Loans on the website or contact Student Finance England.

You can also seek additional advice and guidance on Advanced Learner Loans from The Money Advice Service or National Careers Service.