Meeting Local and National Skills Needs

At ATTFE College, we want to offer the best courses and qualifications that are relevant to what learners want, and to the needs of local and regional employers.

The skills needs for employers can change very quickly, and are affected by local, national and global factors.

We play a key role in helping to support employers and learners by providing high quality learning that supports the local labour market needs and skills gaps, and we design our curriculum with those factors in mind.

We invest heavily in researching labour market intelligence and belong to several local employer representative groups including the Chambers of Commerce and Mansfield and Ashfield 2020. We work closely with D2N2 LEP, and are an active member of the D2N2 Provider Network.

The basis of our Curriculum Intent utilises D2N2’s Strategic Economic Plan alongside Nottinghamshire County Council, Ashfield Council, and Newark and Sherwood Councils’ Strategic Plans.

We are an active member of Mansfield and Ashfield Skills and Employment Partnership and we use a range of software tools that can show us what job sectors local employers are recruiting in locally.

We also work closely with DWP and local employers, and provide a range of courses that are responsive to local employer needs including Sector-based Work Academies.

Another area that we have been responsive in developing our curriculum recently, is that of digital skills. Recent times have accelerated the demand for digital skills. Local labour market intelligence tells us that 82% of job vacancies now require digital skills. In our local communities, there are areas of low digital skills and we have responded to the needs of the learners and the employers by expanding the delivery of our digital courses.

We are continually developing our curriculum using a wide range of resources and engaging with local employers.

If there is a skill that your employees need, get in touch, we are always ready to listen and support. Contact us on 01623 441310, email or complete the employer contact form: