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'Guided meditation - How to release stress and anxiety' 🧠 🦋

Today's Staff Wellbeing session was a lovely guided meditation to help release anxiety and stress. It was a great way to start the day and staff who attended commented on having a more focused, productive working day. Staff also chose a Positive affirmation card to write a message to someone to brighten their day.

Positive results all round!! 💫
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Learners have been learning how to draw Chinese numbers and have written their date of birth using Chinese symbols.

They’ve had fun testing each other to see if others can read the symbols. 📚

Learners also had fun with the chop stick challenge. They found it quite difficult but it provided lots of laughs and encouragement provided by other learners 🥠 #EqualityandDiversity
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On Friday 17th January 2020 - the Learn to Speak More English course started and the learners looked at some New Year’s Resolutions connected to their wellbeing.

They used modal verbs to describe what they ‘will, must or should’ do in 2020. They learnt different names for sporting activities and discussed what they ought to do more, or less, of to improve their wellbeing. They talked about food, exercise, family, leisure and, of course, learning English!

The course runs every Friday 10.00-13.00 for 11 weeks in our Sutton Campus!
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Learners at Dovecote have been learning the importance of exercise to promote good mental health. Also how the charity MIND have turned ‘Blue January’ into ‘Red January’ 🔵 ➖🔴
#BlueMonday #REDJanuary
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Today is ‘Blue Monday’ 🔵

The theory goes that this is the time of year when we’re all cold, short of money and guilty that any New Year’s resolutions to get fit, drink more water etc. The concept was originally coined in 2004. The formula uses many factors including weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action.

Some simple ideas to banish Blue Monday:

🔹Think positively – reflect on all the things you do well, your strengths, things people value in you
🔹Go to a green space that will boost your mood
🔹Set aside some ‘me time’
🔹Exercise – be active e.g. walk, jog, go for a bike ride, swim
🔹Take time to talk to your family, friends, work colleagues.

We hope that you have a great day! 😄
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Happy #WellbeingWednesday!

#transforminglives 🦋
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Learners on our Sutton Campus learning about RED January and how exercise can be important for mental health 🧠 🖍 ... See MoreSee Less

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As part of our R.E.D January theme this month, learners have been researching and creating posters looking at the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 🍇🍌🏏⚽️

#redjanuary #attfemonthlytheme #transforminglives
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Some wonderful feedback received from our learners at Bulwell 👏🏼📝 ... See MoreSee Less

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 Results 2018-19

Overall Performance Total  2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 Maximum Overall 2018/19
Cohort 810 882 856 860
Retention Rate 89.9% 94.6% 92.5% 92.6%
Pass Rate 92.6% 94.2% 91.7% 96.2%
Achievement Rate 83.2% 89.1% 84.8% 89.1%


Achievement Rates by Age 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 Maximum Overall 2018/19 Provider Type National
16-18 Cohort 172 188 222 222
Retention Rate 84.3% 89.5% 86.0% 86.0% 77.4% 89.5%
Pass Rate 82.1% 92.5% 86.4% 93.7% 89.3% 91.6%
Achievement Rate 69.2% 82.3% 74.3% 80.1% 69.1% 81.2%
19+ Cohort 638 694 634 638
Retention Rate 91.4% 96.6% 94.8% 94.8% 90.9% 93.4%
Pass Rate 95.2% 94.4% 93.3% 97.0% 96.4% 94.5%
Achievement Rate 87.0% 91.2% 88.5% 92.0% 87.6% 88.3%


Achievement Rates by Learner Group 2018/19 Maximum Overall 2018/19
Disability Cohort 116 117
Retention Rate 99.1% 98.3%
Pass Rate 98.3% 97.4%
Achievement Rate 97.4% 95.7%
Ethnicity Cohort 49 49
Retention Rate 100% 100%
Pass Rate 95.6% 100%
Achievement Rate 95.6% 100%
Gender Male Cohort 341 341
Retention Rate 95.6% 95.6%
Pass Rate 92.6% 96.3%
Achievement Rate 88.6% 92.1%
Female Cohort 515 519
Retention Rate 90.5% 90.6%
Pass Rate 90.1% 96.2%
Achievement Rate 82.3% 87.1%