❗️FREE courses during lockdown❗️

Please see information below regarding the courses. 💬🦋✨


What a great way to do something you’ve always wanted to do. This may be gardening, learning skills in Hair & Beauty etc. You can enrol onto one of ATTFE College’s FREE courses.

Factors to take in to consideration before enrolling are:

✨You must be over 19
✨You will need to complete a full enrolment form
✨You can choose your own delivery method (attending class, remote delivery, independent study)
✨There will be workbooks for you to complete and contact to be had with a tutor (you can set the frequency of this)
✨You must live in the Nottinghamshire area.

What do you get out of it?

Well, you are helping us to keep moving forward in a crisis and preserve jobs and learning which is a pretty good starting point. In addition, there are things we can offer you:

🌟All of the above courses / qualifications are free making it a strong time to upskill.

🌟If you have your own business or are linked to a business which would like a shout out, then we are happy to promote them for free and do an advertising campaign for them.

🌟If you have your own business or are linked to a business that would like a free social media short promotion film making, we can do this for you.

🌟We are also aiming to get resource packs for each of the courses above to support learners receiving something ‘free’ (such as a creative pack for the creative course, seeds for horticulture etc).

Thank you 💙

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